Miss Hope United


H.O.P.E. Helping Out People Everywhere.

We are a Community Oriented Based System that encourages each Contestant to be passionate about a Volunteering. During the recent Pandemic, our Country has been under a lot of stress both Mentally and Financially.  We want to raise awareness about Mental Health and raise Money for those in need. We want to build a Community and stand United during these times. The Pageant’s mission is to help the Music Industry and the COVID Relief Fund. However each Contestant may represent a Platform of their choice. Proceeds of this Pageant will also Benefit Booth Life’s Event and Artists Relief Fund and Feed Nashville that provides Groceries for out of work Musicians. We believe in the power of Music, Unity and Giving Back to your Community. To Apply or Sign Up, please send an email to [email protected] with your contact information. Include your age, what Division you would be in and a Headshot. We also are featuring a Mother Daughter Title.  This Pageant will be filmed for National Television. If you are not interested in being on Television as well, please let us know that in the email. Mother Daughter Duos also will have a discount in total to compete for their age Division Titles as well. This Pageant will be held in Nashville Tennessee July 31st - August 1st 2020 and is open to All States.


6-8 • Little Miss Hope United - $150
9-11 • Miss Pre-Teen Hope United - $150
12-14 • Jr Miss Hope United - $175
15-18 • Miss Teen Hope United - $175
19-27 • Miss Hope United - $200
28 & Over • Ms Hope United - $200
21 & Over • Mrs Hope United - $200
ANY Age • Ms Hope United Supreme Duo
Mother / Daughter Duos
Duo Title AND your respective Age Division Titles - $300 Total
Mother Daughter Competition will NOT be separate.  You each will compete in your respective Age Divisions.  Your score will be weighted differently to Win the Mother Daughter Duo Title.  The Question you will answer that will be added to the score will take place after the Age Division Competition Questions.  To Award the Mother Daughter Title, your Age Division scores will carry over, but will be weighted differently.  The only score that will be replaced is the On Stage Question that will be asked to both the Mother and the Daughter.  The Mother and Daughter Duo with the Highest Combined Score will be awarded the Title.
Miss Hope United Supreme - Overall Highest Score Title
Miss Hope United Influencer - Top in Community Service + 2nd Overall Score
Miss Hope United Supermodel - Judged by Photogenic Scores and Walk - Talent Contract
Heart of a Volunteer Award - Volunteer Hours / Community Service
Spirit of H.O.P.E. and Pageantry Award
Voted by Pageant Staff - Pageantry Magazine Award
Miss Congeniality - Voted by Contestants and Pageant Staff
Photogenic Award - Overall - Judged by Headshots
2020 Miss Hope United Ambassador - Inaugural + Appointed that will crown the Winners.
Due to COVID-19 this Pageant will be extremely exclusive. The max guests will be set at 100-120 as of now including Contestants, HMU Artists, Staff etc. This will be at a first come, first serve basis for who registers/pays in full. We will be limiting each Division on the amount of contestants as well as Tickets that are sold for this event. This will not be Theater style. This event will be round table style for guests in the audience that will be seated with no more than 6-8 people depending on the new CDC guidelines. We will also follow the guidelines from our Mayor Cooper in Nashville. Nashville will be out of Phase 4 as of July 6th and this Pageant will take place July 31st and August 1st.  This information will be updated every 2 weeks.


25% Community Service Hours - Platform Proposal.

25% Evening Gown - Overall Presentation Judged.

20% 1 On Stage Question - Overall Delivery / Confidence.

20% Fashion Wear - Fashion & Walk Judged.

10% Opening Number - Overall Appearance / Poise Judged.


30% Evening Gown - Overall Presentation Judged.

30% Fashion Wear - Fashion & Walk Judged.

20% 2 On Stage Questions - Overall Delivery / Confidence.

10% Community Service Hours - Platform Proposal.

10% Opening Number - Overall Appearance / Poise Judged.