Booth Life and Friends Episode 2 “Play It Again” J-Scott

Episode 2 “Play It Again” Podcast and Mixshow. Booth Life and Friends presents our 2nd installment of what is going on in the Booth, our efforts to help the Music Industry (12:40), updates in Quarantine-Land (27:22) and just Life (44:24). This is a Special Episode to us because we have decided this one to our close friend, DJ J-Scott (Jeff Kaiser) who we lost on December 7th, 2016. We have included one of his Mega Mixes from 2016 on this Episode that he was very proud of that he personally sent me (Tisha) and he wanted me add it to the Booth Life platforms. It is an Up-Beat Country Mix that we figured was fitting since we are now located in Nashville. (Jump to 58:40 for the Into to his Mix). However, we would love for you to hear us from the beginning! Shout out to Thomas Ian Nicholas (TNB) from Rookie of the Year and American Pie. (24:31) Special Thank You to Skrewball Whiskey, iRig, all of the Artists and Feed Nashville for helping us with the Hope Isn’t Canceled Online Music Festival. We appreciate you! – This one is for you Jeff. Love Tisha Savage, Desert Sugar and Infvnte.